How to Cure Readers Block

 I have, right now, three unfinished books piled up next to my bed. The last fiction book I finished, read all the way through, was in March. This happens to everyone occasionally, and it is so, so upsetting.  I think readers block is so distressing because for a lot of people (ME) the idea […]

Emergency Store Cupboard Brownies

We have awoken to a bleak, bleak day. The Tories have won an outright majority – something we didn’t think was possible yesterday morning – and support for UKIP is climbing terrifyingly high. I’m not sure our beautiful welfare state, our NHS, can survive another five years of cuts. It’s the weakest who will suffer […]

Just Visiting – What it’s Like in Prison

The prison couldn’t look more like a prison. It looks like a picture of a prison drawn by someone who’d only seen Porridge and maybe some Victorian paintings of correctional institutions. It makes it very difficult to forget where you are. One thing the staff love to do at the prison is show you their […]