Advent Treat Day Nine – Wear What The Fuck You Like Friday

When I worked in Corporate Land, we used to have Dress Down Fridays. I hated this. As a concept, it seems so teasing, like Sniff A Biscuit Wednesdays or Briefly Lift Your Gaze To The Sky First Tuesday Of The Month.

Dressing Down, by the very name, implies a rigidly adhered to code that has been infinitesimally slackened, for a treat. I have always been shit at this. As an extreme goody goody, the only thing I ever got in trouble for at school was “uniform violation”. And I didn’t even do it on purpose. How short is too short for a skirt? What about a tie? I genuinely do not know.

Now I work in Yoga Towers, I can wear what I please. Anything. Really. They don’t care. It’s as if they value me as a person and for the work I do, rather than for my decoration value. Crazy. Today’s advent treat is a celebration of that. Let me talk through my “look” –

  • Makeup – “the natural look”, by which I mean I am not wearing any makeup
  • Hair – “tousled chic”, by which I mean I have not brushed my hair
  • Shapeless jumper that has holes under the arms but is the warmest thing I own
  • Ill fitting woollen shorts
  • Leggings
  • Blue knee socks to prevent bike related leg drafts
  • No shoes because I am inside and I hate wearing shoes

Look at me. I know. I look like a mad hobo. A REALLY COMFY mad hobo. This means I win.

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