Restaurant Review – Gino’s, Oxford

I went to Gino’s with my Mum, Dad and Paul to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It’s a cheerful Italian place in the centre of Oxford, just by the bus stop, and when we made reservations, our email was answered by your ACTUAL Gino – major starting points. I think this is also Gino bustling about in the background here –


Lovely parents in foreground.

Service is friendly and food is reasonably priced, good quality and big portions. I had calamari, chicken milanese and tirimisu, because those are the best food in the world. Winningly, my chicken was served with a side of spaghetti bolognese – making this essentially two dinners. Obviously great.

Gino’s is probably not the kind of place you would go on a date – it is resolutely familyish – bright and cheerful and traditional Italian-restaurant-in-Englandy. I have been here three times – with my family, with Paul’s family, and with my recent ex boyfriend on a “We are going to drink a beer and be VERY PLATONIC FRIENDS now” dinner. If you’re looking to get into someone’s pants, perhaps try Pierre Victoire, down the road.

But for family dinner, I would heartily recommend this place. Nice one Gino!

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