Advent Treat Day Eight – Proper Lunch Break

Normally at lunchtime I slump at my desk in front of facebook and some sort of joyless stereotypical girl-lunch (fuck you, rice cakes) so today I went to meet a friend for coffee. I chose Dan Holloway, who runs Eight Cuts. He is one of these people who DO THINGS, all the time. He puts on a bajillion literary shows a year – cool stuff too, none of your shit. And he wanted to talk about his project next March – Not the Oxford Literary Festival. Look –

Yes, I know, it’s all exciting. But scroll down. Got it? Yes.

GIN SOAKED SHEETS. A literary experiment, hosted by me, held in a bookshop at 2.30 in the morning. Yes. Yesyesyesyesyes.

I am going to feed my subjects 10 shots of gin over the course of two and a half hours, and then monitor the outcomes. Using CREATIVITY. In practical terms, this means I’ll give them five writing workshops/challenges/promps, all evenly spaced, and then see what I can tell from the results. I’m going to be examining emotional state, coherence, and effectiveness of risk taking, for starters. There are still some details to work out. But I had to tell you now, because I am UNBEARABLY EXCITED OH MY GOD.

Friday 30th March 2012 at the Albion Beatnik. Put it in your diary. Seriously.

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