Facing Friday – Wedding Planning Hyperdrive

The wedding is next week. BLOODY HELL. Next. Week. There is a merry crapload to do, and it is exciting and fun and knackering. If I’m honest, I’ve always kind of liked the show week/exam season feeling of “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I have SO much to do!”. Even though I moan about it all over the shop, I also secretly really like the fuss.

I read

NOTHING. I have read NOTHING this week, for the first time this year. I’ve just been so busy! And so tired. This wedding planning nonsense is like working an extra job. Look, I took this photo of my sad, puffy little face yesterday morning because I felt so sorry for myself –  

Poor puffy little frog face 🙁

I watched

Just more Parks and Rec, and Call The Midwife, and Gotham. I have not watched it yet, but Legally Blonde has just come on Netflix and Paul has never seen it despite a) being a former lawyer and b) loving Clueless, so that’s going to be happening sometime soon.

I made


I did

Wedding prep, forever. It’s so weird, the whole wedding thing. I was SO blasé about it, right up until Christmas. “It’s just a promise and a party!” I’d trill. “No need to make a fuss! We can just hang up the Christmas lights and call it a day, right?”

WRONG, past Lucy. Suddenly, you care a shitload. Because actually, if it wasn’t meaningful to you, you wouldn’t bother doing it, would you? You’ve been merrily living in sin for years. And you’ve always been the kind of person who started planning the Christmas party in September. You love this shit. So stop trying to be cool, let yourself enjoy it.

Tried to teach myself to use curling tongs. I don’t really get it.

Went to the pub. In the midst of frantically doing loads of stuff, we went to the pub with a couple of friends last night for beers and burgers and it was SO ACE. I really really love the pub.

I wrote

This week I have come to the realisation that a) I have been telling people my novel is the wrong genre and b) I don’t really understand genre – especially what commercial and literary fiction are and the differences between them. I feel like a lot of us (me?) think of literary fiction as “good” but maybe worthy books and commercial fiction as “trashy”, or lower quality but enjoyable books. But that’s totally wrong, isn’t it? I’ve been telling people I write “accessible literary fiction” but what I mean by that is, I write good fiction, that is also enjoyable. But that’s NOT A GENRE, is it?

All of this is to say that I have been re-reading The Novel with a view to a rewrite in its correct and actual genre.

Also – my wedding vows <3

My face

It’s my hen do today! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am so excited!!! Look, here I am with a clutch of my hens 😀 😀 😀  

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  1. I have a very cool curling gadget that’s somewhat painstaking but impossible to get wrong. Do you want to try it one evening?

  2. I have a very cool curling gadget that’s somewhat painstaking but impossible to get wrong. Do you want to try it one evening?

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