Blogmas Day 7 – Five Minute Work Loos Makeup Routine

Ordinarily, I don’t have a lot of time for a makeup. I’m a busy woman on the world, and also, I cycle everywhere so it would run. However it is nice sometimes to put on a bit, for a party, or a difficult day of editing. Good for morale! Normally this has to be done in a workplace or pub toilet somewhere, as quickly as possible so as not to waste valuable drinking time.

So. Start with your face –

Penguin jumper optional, but recommended.

Regard your face. Does it need any foundation, concealer, highlight, blush or bronzer on it? Do you have these things in your handbag, and can you be arsed to apply them? Remember when you formulate your answer, most parties and pubs are pretty dark, and also your face has been serving you well with whatever it’s been doing all day.

I am applying nothing to my face.

Smear lots of neutral shimmery eyeshadow all over your eye – I’m using Sin by Urban Decay. Use a makeup brush if you have one, but a finger is also fine.

Put on some mascara and, if you have it and know how to apply it, some eyeliner – go for a catlike if you can, but now is not the time to go rogue and do complicated and unfamiliar things. I have applied my eyeliner very inexpertly here, but that doesn’t matter because as I mentioned, parties are generally dark and also no one really cares.

Put on a healthy dose of bright red lipstick. This is a crucial step, as it is the facial element which most clearly screams “I am doing partying tonight!” I am wearing Clinique Cherry Pop, which I got free in a copy of Glamour Magazine. ANY will do.

Now, take a cheeky selfie with a toilet clearly visible in the background (for added glamour) –

And you’re done! Have a great night out with your face!

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