Facing Friday – Mermaid Chewbacca

I read

For the first time this year, I didn’t finish a book this week! Booooo. I’m like 20 pages away from the end of True Grit though – I’ll tell you about it next week (I like it).

I watched

The entire first season of Parks and Rec, about 5 years after everyone else. It’s so so good! Paul is away this weekend so I intend to binge watch the whole goddam thing and become one with the sofa.

Sport Relief Bake Off, which is not as good as regular Bake Off but needs must when the devil drives and all that.

I wrote

I embarked on a millionth edit of Heroine – just some technical bits left now, and they end is in sight (for now).

I received another rejection, keeping up the solid one-a-week we’ve been on so far this year.

I’ve also become enthused about my next project (a novel? A poetry show? Both I hope) which is tentatively titled High On The Storm Torn Coast. It might be bigger on the performance front than I was at first expecting, and might feature quite a bit of me doing folk music. We’ll see!

I did

A LOT of wedding stuff. I am legit spending my alone weekend doing test bakes and making bunting but that’s okay because crafting and Netflix and cauliflower pizza are pretty much what I want to do most days anyway. Also, we went wine buying this week and massive shout out to Majestic for giving us lots of samples and making us feel really looked after and not like cheapskate idiots. You guys are the best!

Celebrated Paul’s birthday a bit more, with a night out on Saturday. WHY DO I NEVER GO TO THE PUB ANYMORE, eh? It’s my favourite place. I must get back on this – when I was 24, if I only spent three hours in there a day, that was dangerously abstemious.

Got a dishwasher, and fell aggressively in love with it. Everything is SO CLEAN.

Gave up the 30 day shred. Every day is too many days and I love sleeping. Might pick it back up on Sunday, but probably not.

Celebrated our four year anniversary of “becoming a couple” ie when I introduced Paul to Webster for vetting then informed him we needed to work out whether we were exclusive or not because I’d been asked out by someone else and they worked in G&D’s and had access to discount ice cream, so I was pretty tempted.

My face

My colleague Jason caught me selfieing and made me laugh. I was trying to get all my hair in on this one – I’m having it hacked back a bit tomorrow, so this is the last time you’ll see me rocking the full mermaid/Chewbacca look for a while.

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  1. So glad you’ve discovered Parks and Rec! Guaranteed to put you all back together when out of sorts. And proves there is at least one thing right about America.

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