The Delicate Art of Being Hungover

If you are serious about drinking, the occasional hangover is inevitable. If you wake up with one, don’t try to defeat it. You won’t succeed, only waste energy and make yourself feel worse. No. Instead, you must learn to embrace the hangover, so she will leave on her own terms. It’s like the old legends […]

Barely Bullingdon

I did a really nice gig last night. They were lovely. I’m glad I put on a dress for them. They put me on in the second half, which is a compliment and nicer to perform, and gave me a bit of cake. The most I’ve EVER been paid to perform is a glass of […]


I found the following texts on my my phone. They were all sent from me to D between 23.35 and 02.02 last night/this morning. There was no response, because D is a real person and he was asleep. “We are crashing a college party now. Best or worst idea ever x” “Medium idea.” “They are […]