Q and A with Mike Gayle

Mike Gayle’s latest book, The Man I Think I Know, tells the story of James and Danny. Both stars at school, their lives have both gone wrong. They meet again at a respite centre, where Danny is working a care assistant and James is being cared for because of his Acquired Brain Injury. It’s a warm, funny […]

A Monster Calls

It is the 27th of December, and as we spent the 26th flying from Yorkshire to Northern Ireland, then doing a second Christmas celebration with my husband’s family, it somehow feels like double Boxing Day. It is one of those cosy, comfortable mornings where no one is doing anything in particular so you can read […]

Just Visiting – What it’s Like in Prison

The prison couldn’t look more like a prison. It looks like a picture of a prison drawn by someone who’d only seen Porridge and maybe some Victorian paintings of correctional institutions. It makes it very difficult to forget where you are. One thing the staff love to do at the prison is show you their […]