Blogmas Day 10 – How To Erase A Hangover With Makeup

I am so sorry, I appear to have fallen behind with Blogmas. I skipped Friday to go to Brighton and get drunk with some teachers on the last day of term, and then on Saturday I couldn’t move because no one drinks like teachers on the last day of term. They make George Best look like the kind of bloke who orders half a lager shandy.

ANYWAY. Back to blogging. A subject close to my heart today – how to use make up to stop yourself looking like you’re on the verge of death by alcohol poisoning.

As always, start with your face –

Oh dear.
Start by liberally applying some BB cream (or foundation I suppose? I use BB cream, foundation makes me look like a haunted doll) WITH A BRUSH. This is so important. If you are not feeling absolutely on top form, there is no way you’re going to be able to capably blend face products with your fingers. You could use a blusher rather than foundation brush though, I don’t care. Next dab concealer generously under your eves and on any blotchy face parts and blend that with the brush too. Add some touché éclat (other, much cheaper highlighters are available) on the top of your cheekbones and just above your eyebrows and blend again. Yes. Good. Now you should look like this –

A bit wild eyed, but less gin soaked I think. Now do some eye stuff. I have a little palette from Benefit called Big Beautiful Eyes which I love – it has eyeshadow is very pale, mid brown and dark brown. I’m sure you have some kind of version of this more suited to you and your skin tone kicking about. But the principle is, use three types of eyeshadow to pretend you are wearing none at all (but have had a solid 8 hours sleep and did not do any shots of homemade toffee vodka last night).

Smear the palest shadow all over the lid. Take the mid tone and draw a kind of soft line along the crease of your lid (the join between eyeball and brow bone). Take a sharp angled brush and dab dark brown into your lash line to take the place of eyeliner. So it looks subtle-ish, like this –

I mean, you can’t really see, because I took this photo with my eyes open like a hungover idiot, but trust me, there is eyeshadow going on.

Now just add a dash of mascara and some kind of tinted lip balm (mine is Clinique because I’m fancy AF, but I’m pretty sure any old one will do. But do use something moisturising, not just a normal matt lipstick, because you’ll be all dehydrated from the jägerbombs and your lips will get all dry and cracky).

And that’s it. TADAAA –

Add three coffees and maybe a little bacon sandwich and you’re ready to take on the world.

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