Facing Friday -Kicking Bums On All Fronts

This week has been a Good Week.

That’s a nice thing to write.

I think the reason I stopped blogging for a bit was, I felt a bit panicky and out of control – with food, with writing, with life in general. I felt like I never had enough time or energy for everything – like I was always running around, onto the next thing, always up against one deadline or another, when all I wanted to do was to slink off to the pub and run away from my responsibilities. But instead, I took the sensible course – I slunk home and watched telly, hiding from my responsibilities instead.

Over the last week or two, though, I feel like I’ve cracked a lot of things. I did the show. I got my signatures in to run for city council. I finally finished my tax return!

Also, as I told you last week, I bought myself more time – I now only work my office job on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays so the rest of the time is MINE ALL MINE. And it’s so brilliant! It doesn’t feel like a day plus a day – more like a day squared, if you see what I mean.  So. Tentatively. Things are going well. 

I read

Taking my own reading block advice, I have started reading again, and I am reading things I would normally turn my nose up at as “trashy”. A book about a woman who leaves a bad relationship to open a bakery by the seaside, and a book version of one of my favourite diet blogs. I am really enjoying both of them and I do not care what anyone thinks!

I watched

Bridge of Spies. Oh my bloody sweet hell!! How had I not heard of this? It’s written by the Coen’s and directed by Spielberg – how was it not splashed on the billboards of everywhere? I thought this was such a beautiful film – amazing characterisation throughout and so gripping. Between this and the Night Manager, spies are my new favourite.

I wrote

A couple of not-technically-writing things to report here. The first is that I went to London on Saturday to do some Legit Audio Acting. Isn’t that exciting! Yes, Lucy. Yes it is. The recording was for Family Tree, a podcast mockumentary in the style of serial, but fictional and improvised by the cast. It’s a project which I will be reminding you of A LOT near the time, because I think it’s so cool. And it was just so fun to do. I had the plot revealed to me in real time, so in my earlier episodes I genuinely have no idea what’s going on, and I find out with the listener. I can’t WAIT to hear it back.

Also, I had my first ever client meeting as a freelance web designer! Which was exciting and very very pleasant. While I am not a Proper Web Developer, I can do a simple website, which is all a lot of smaller organisations need, and I love the process of slotting together the information so it can be easily seen and absorbed. What a nerd! But if you need a simple website making, do hit me up.

Heroine is cracking along apace. I have now –

  • Written a scene plan
  • Filled in plans for scenes I think are missing
  • Written a few sentance a of some of them

I have also been researching foster care for a new subplot I’m putting in. I found this video and it really made me cry. She’s exactly how I think of my protagonist being when she was younger – everything about her, from the look to the way she won’t talk to you, she just holds up signs. And look at all those horrible Internet Men pouncing on her to tell her she’s beautiful. Because that’s way more interesting than her experiences being heard. UGH!!

My body

For the first time in months, really, I stayed to group after weigh in at Slimming World. And it was fine. Nice, even. I’ve been diligently filling in my food diary and eating on plan, and planning and cooking and not covering everything I eat in melted cheese, but also cooking things I know I enjoy and will be filling and pleasant. And I’ve been to the gym four times. So. Back on track. Good.

My face

Look at my poor little face. This photo was taken on the way to the gym at 6:10. AM!!


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