Facing Friday – New Term

It feels like the start of a new term to me at the moment – partly because of the changing seasons (spring is finally here YES!!!) but mainly because I have changed my working hours, and now only do 3 days per week at my day job – leaving me a LOT more time to do writing. Hurray! So I’m feeling very chipper and energetic about writing life at the moment.I told you about it earlier this week, so no need to bleat on about it again.As part of my new term vibe I have also embarked on a bit of a mission to be a good partner to my body, which you can read about here. It’s not going badly so far! I went to the gym yesterday and it wasn’t shit. I did tasters of Zumba and yoga and have confirmed with myself that yes, I still like them. I am currently on a mission to work out a kind of go-to gym routine – what cardio programme? Which weights? How much, how many reps? – hopefully that will become clearer after my induction on Sunday. On the food front, less good. Yesterday I “invented” a new snack of peanut butter spread on stroopwaffels. So, swings and roundabouts (and freeweights and treadmills).

Currently I am concerned about the number of homeless people I see around Oxford – as well as the people I’ve always seen around rough sleeping, there are at least three places I can name where there are people full on living in the nooks and crannies of town – a couple of bus shelters and the stairs under my work. I find it very distressing. The guy under our stairs even has a sodding alarm clock. I know this because today it broke and cheeped at us all afternoon while he was out. The ensuing social awkwardness of us solving this problem as an office was hilarious – but there’s still something that makes me feel very teary about the idea of… having homeware, I suppose, in the space under the fire escape steps. He has a duvet as well. It’s not enough. And I catch myself thinking things like “ah well, at least it’s getting warmer now – it doesn’t freeze at night anymore!” and I hate how normal the idea’s become to me, that someone doesn’t have anywhere to go, and that no one will help – including me. Fucksake.

In better news, I am going to the pub tonight. I bloody love the pub! I know it’s an obvious thing to say, but – I just really really do. I feel like I don’t get a lot of chances to just see friends – not do anything, just hang out with them. But tonight is a chance so bloody hurrah to that.

Also I am knitting a new cardigan and it is a very cheering orangey-yellow colour.

Oh, and I’ve been away for too long to give you my mini reviews. In brief –

I have not read a book for a month. Reader’s Block! Will have to see if my own advice works again…

The Wolf of Wall Street and Carol are very very good, and so is Endeavour. The most recent Hunger Games Film is fine, as is Masterchef.

The board game 7 Wonders: Duel is absolutely sodding brilliant!!! So beautifully balanced, especially for a two player game. I might do a full review. Would you read a board game review? Let me know in the comments.

OH AND PANDEMIC LEGACY. It is the best thing ever.

Right I’m in the pub now. I’m out!


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