Time of the Month – August 2017

Oh, readers. I am so rubbish at blogging, and for that I can only apologise. I’d promise to do better in the future, but that is my New Month Resolution pretty much every month and yet it never happens. But let’s try again…

In Reading

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

My GOD Gillian Flynn’s other books are good but they are bleak as all hell. Dark Places (along with Sharp Objects, which I inhaled earlier in the summer) is MUCH MUCH more horrible even than Gone Girl, which was horrible. I have a high tolerance for horrible books so I liked this, but it did make me very uncomfortable. Vice-like grippiness – I kept nearly being late back from lunch with it.

The Summer Seaside Kitchen by Jenny Colgan

A return to form from Jenny Colgan (I didn’t really like her previous book) with a new series. This time it’s set on a fictional Scottish island, which needs a boost to its economy. The problem is, everyone hates the owner of the fancy new hotel. The character in this were really rich and well drawn, and SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS it was so nice to see gay characters having a full romantic subplot. So often there is a Gay Best Friend but only straight characters get a happily ever after.

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

I haven’t actually finished this one but I will very soon. After a slightly difficult to grasp start with too many players, this is settling into being a really pacy, grippy thriller with some really satisfying characters (though some that I still think could have been cut) and a lovely drip-feed of information.

Also I read a manuscript of a children’s book written by a friend and obviously I can’t talk about it but it really was very good. Books aimed at ten year olds are great – very soothing and no boring bits.

In Writing

At the end of July I got some really bloody good news.

I SOLD MY BOOK! This is me just after I found out. Bloody hell it’s been exciting. I will obviously do a (few hundred) post about this later, but it’s coming out next July with exciting new imprint Dialogue Books and I am absolutely delighted.

So this month in writing has been mainly sorting that out and it has been great.

In Politics

GOD what a shit show, eh? Very briefly –

  • There are at time of writing three seriously catastrophic floods around the world. The US government keeps avoiding the phrase “climate change”.
  • Trump has been threatening North Korea, while the entire rest of the world scream SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP from behind our hands.
  • Theresa May continues to limp on against all the odds, and everyone continues to gloomily bicker about Brexit.
  • LITERAL BLOODY NAZIS marched around Charlottesville with flaming torches, because the city took down a shit statue of a Confederate General. Terrifying.
We organised a solidarity action about the Charlottesville thing

In Life

August was spent in a blur of celebration – the book, Paul’s new job, some friends had some celebrating to do, and WEDDINGS. I bloody love weddings – they are a genuinely beautiful thing that we do as a society, and when they’re done with love, a force for pure good. You have to travel quite a long way sometimes but that moment when someone looks at one of your favourite people like they are amazing and you think – yes! You’re right! She is amazing!! That is really great.

Because of all the above I am now approx 90% prosecco.

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