When I was about 19, I had to break up with this guy. When I say “break up” I mean “explain that drunkenly snogging at 2am on two consecutive Mondays is not the same as a relationship”. It was early afternoon and we were in our Students’ Union. He started crying, and I was embarrassed, […]


I’ve always been fat. Sometimes it’s a problem for me, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I’m bigger than I normally am, sometimes smaller. But one way or another, I haven’t been in my “healthy bmi range” since I was in sixth form, and that was only for about six months. Yeah, that’s right, healthy bmi range. […]


Today, I feel guilty. Yesterday I started drinking at lunchtime and didn’t stop until D lured me home with the promise of fried food. This meant I got pretty much no writing done. I don’t work Wednesdays so I can write, which is indulgent, but legitimate, as long as I actually am writing, not drinking […]