Christmas Presents For Feminists

I often don’t admit this because I think it’s “shallow” or whatever, but I bloody love shopping. THINGS, new things, new things that are beautiful and useful and mine. I am a product of the capitalist society I exist in and if you keep me in enough pretty notebooks and artisan gin I don’t even care.

It is commonly held that it is even better to shop for others than it is to shop for yourself. This is patently not the case, but as the tinsel noose of December draws ever tighter, it is unavoidable to start thinking about what little tokens of esteem to shower your friends and family with.

If any of your friends and family are feminists with exactly the same taste in cutesy trinkets as me, I have some suggestions –

Starting off obvious , but classy, a little feminist brooch. Brooches are the best form of jewellery for feminists – necklaces can get all tangled up when you’re smashing the patriarchy.

£7 from Not on The Highstreet

Suffragette tea towel! To remind your boyfriend of the struggles your sisters faced, as he does the washing up.

£11.95 from the Radical Tea Towel Company

FOX PANTS. Turning your bum into a woodland creature is a radical feminist act.

£28.86 from the gloriously named Knickerocker at Etsy

Some sort of excellent book. Feminists love excellent books, and this is a biggie. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a lush, engaging, horrifying vision of a patriarchal dystopia. You could get The Handmaid’s Tale from any good bookshop for about £6. Or, if you were looking for something a bit more modern and a bit less critically acclaimed, you could get this poetry pamphlet, which wasn’t written by me and which I have no interest at all in promoting.

Last but not least, my favourite choice –


£10.95 from Zazzle

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