For Truly Terrible Colds, or Other Times Everything Is Wrong

  1. First, find a lemon. If a wrinkled up, sad little one that’s been sitting on the kitchen windowsill is all you have, then use that. Try to be more optimistic. 
  2. Select your mug. I chose my husband’s superhero mug. Pow! It’ll be fine, really. 
  3. Roll your lemon on the worktop and then chop it in halves. Squeeze the halves into the superhero mug (or drinking vessel of your choice) then chuck them in, skin and all. 
  4. Hunt for honey. Curse lack of honey. How can you not have honey? Use golden syrup instead. A good couple of spoonfuls. 
  5. Add a couple of shakes each of cinnamon and ground ginger. No medicinal purpose to them – they just smell nice (golden syrup, obviously, highly important medical subtance). 
  6. Add boiling water, nearly to the top. Stir, and inhale the steam.
  7. Top up with a good finger of whiskey. Use the blended stuff, of course – don’t be an animal. 
  8. Drink, while staring at the fire. You’ll be okay, you know. You always are. 


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