Magic Milk and Cookies

And by magic, I mean with booze in it.

As it’s Sunday, and STILL not spring, despite me checking every fifteen seconds since January the 15th, I thought I’d blog about my EXTREMELY COSY AFTERNOON making biscuits with some new homeware and drinking.

Oh, and also do a mini homeware haul. Check out my selection of affordable trinkets!

Nice, huh? These are what inspired me to do cutesy baking times. Most specifically, these –


Woodland biscuit cutters! Isn’t this AMAZING? Food tastes 456% better if it in the shape of a fox, and that is a scientific fact. I got these from a shop called Pod in Oxford, which is excellent for presents (for yourself and others). They were £3.25, which I think you’ll agree is not a lot for something so fricking cool.

These were on sale in Sainsbury’s – they were a tenner for the pair. I think they make my kitchen look like a proper person who has her shit together lives there. This is homeware that demands respect.

These items are not –

Bloody brilliant owl mug. Absolutely bitchin’ and about £3. The accompanying candle was £2 and smells of vanilla and coconut in a pleasing and non-disgusting way. The fairy lights in some of the pictures were £6 (and they are battery operated, as they all will be since the bunny ate the Christmas ones). And all of these things come from PRIMARK, whose homeware is loads better than I was expecting. I reckon if you had to you could make a pretty tatty room look like a home on a budget of £20 or so from there.

Oh and also these home essentials –

Booze is homeware, right?

So, with this bag of sparkly, woodland themed whimsey, I thought I’d do a kind of grown up version of milk and biscuits.

The biscuits I went for are shortbread, and the recipe is from She Cooks She Eats, one of my favourite food blogs –

Now, this recipe is simple enough, but it is a bit of a pain in the arse to be honest. It is SO crumbly, and will not come together at all and keep falling apart and make you want to throw it all away and just buy some proper bloody biscuits. Why are you doing this? Jaffa cakes are only about a quid and they are so much better than anything you could ever make. And then because it’s so crumbly the tails fall off your foxes and they look like weird cows and it’s so sad. But if you keep on with it, they do yield really delicious shortbread, so if you’re feeling zen about the whole thing then knock yourself out.

Paul made “Magic Milk” (aka White Russian) to accompany these. His quantities are –

3 parts milk

2 parts vodka

1 part kahlua

And you just dump it in an owl mug and stir. Tada!! Some people use cream instead, but the Dude uses milk and that’s good enough for me.

Even though it’s the first of March it is still pretty much winter. Keep warm out there guys, and if you can’t keep warm, keep drunk.

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  1. Hey there – if you’re finding the shortbread too crumbly, try adding a teeny tiny splash of milk. Like, half a teaspoon at a time. Or knobs of butter should work too.

    Super cute biscuit cutters, though. I really want those Sainsbury’s jugs!

  2. Oooh, thank you Amy! I will try again with a little milk. Also, didn’t mention in the post, but the raw dough was AMAZING – like Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough bits…

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